Playlist analysis

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songs that slap.

For each track in the playlist, we looked at the Discovered On playlists on the artist profile. If we find the playlist in the Discovered On section, it means the artist receives a substantial amount of stream from the playlist.

How to understand the result to notice a good playlist?

  • It should have many artists for which the playlist appears on the Discovered On section
  • Those artists should have a high amount of monthly listeners
  • The Discovered On position should be as small as possible, it's better if the playlist is Discovered On #1 than #5
  • A song that is at the top of the playlist usually get more streams than the last song

Playlist cover

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Artists with the playlist in Discovered On

Artist Monthly listeners Position in playlist Days in playlist Discovered On # Top city
We did not find any artist currently in the playlist that has this playlist in the Discovered On section.
This is problably not an interesting playlist for you to be added on.

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