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In-Depth Playlist Analysis

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive playlist analysis tool.

Followers Evolution.
Monitor the growth patterns of a playlist's followers over time, identifying unnatural spikes or inconsistencies that could indicate fake followers. Focus on playlists with steady, organic growth for genuine exposure.
Discovered On.
Explore the artists who have the playlist featured in their "Discovered On" section, revealing the playlist's impact on their exposure and helping you gauge its potential value for your own music promotion.
Streams Estimation.
Estimate the number of streams your track could potentially receive when added to a playlist, helping you prioritize your promotion efforts. Data available for 1M+ playlists.
Discover the dominant genres and sub-genres present in a playlist, ensuring the perfect fit for your track and maximizing its exposure to the right audience.
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Curators Database

Access a vast and constantly updated database of genuine curators, making it easier than ever to connect with the right people to promote your music.

Various Contact Methods.
Reach out to curators through multiple channels, including email, Instagram, Facebook, and more, increasing your chances of establishing a successful connection.
Advanced Filters.
Refine your search using our advanced filtering options to find the ideal curators for your genre, target audience, or specific promotional goals.
Includes Genuine Curators.
Our database showcases a mix of professional and authentic, passion-driven curators, many with Facebook profiles connected to their Spotify accounts. Connect with curators who prioritize quality music promotion over financial gain.
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The Playlists Finder

Unlock the full potential of your music with AI-powered playlist recommendations.

AI-Driven Matchmaking.
Our advanced AI algorithm analyzes your track's unique characteristics, such as genre, mood, and tempo, to find the most suitable playlists for your music.
Personalized Recommendations.
The Playlists Finder generates a list of playlists featuring similar tracks or artists, ensuring your music reaches the right audience and increases your chances of success.
Powerful Filtering.
Refine your search results with our intuitive filtering options, allowing you to target playlists based on specific criteria like genre, keywords, or curator details.
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The Pitch Writer

Captivate playlist curators with personalized, AI-generated pitches to submit your tracks.

AI-Powered Crafting.
Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized, attention-grabbing pitches tailored to your track and the target curator or playlist.
Showcase Your Music.
Let the Pitch Writer highlight the unique aspects of your track, making it stand out and increasing the likelihood of being added to playlists.
Build Relationships.
Craft compelling pitches that demonstrate your genuine interest in the curator's playlist, fostering long-term connections with influential curators in your genre.
Save Time & Focus.
Streamline the playlist submission process with perfectly crafted pitches that effectively communicate your music's value, allowing you to focus on creating and promoting your art.
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  • AI-ssistant to help you find and submit to the right playlists
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“Thanks to Isitagoodplaylist, I can focus on reaching the right playlists and avoid wasting time on fake ones. Game changer!”

Emily Adams

“The playlist analysis tool helped us develop a targeted promotion strategy. Essential for our label's success.”

David Chen
Marketing Manager, Indie Label

“As a curator, Isitagoodplaylist helps me discover new artists, making it easy to keep my playlists fresh and engaging for listeners.”

Laura Brown
Playlist Curator

“Found the perfect playlists for my music and connected with genuine curators. My streams have never been higher!”

Sarah Johnson

“A must-have tool for spotting trends and understanding playlist performance. It's transformed our promotion strategy.”

Kevin Wilson
A&R, Record Label

“Isitagoodplaylist helped me grow my fanbase by connecting me with the right curators. Highly recommended!”

Rachel Martinez

“The best platform to find authentic curators and ensure my artists' music gets the exposure it deserves.”

Brian Lewis
Music Manager

“The advanced filters save so much time when searching for the right curators. My clients couldn't be happier!”

Mike Thompson
Independent Music Promoter

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