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Discovered On playlists
For each artist in the playlist, we check if the playlists appears in his Discovered On section listing the playlists from which the artists received the most streams within the last 28 days.
Followers evolution
For all the playlists in our system, we record the followers count every day. If you see a sudden increase or drop of followers, this could be suspicious. Did the curator buy fake followers?
Track popularity
We analyze all the tracks in the playlist and display the distribution of the tracks popularity. It's an easy way for you to see if the playlists contains popular tracks or is open to feature indie tracks.
Audio features
For each playlist we analyze the audio features so that you know if your track will match the mood of the playlist. Is this a playlist with a high energy and danceability? Does it contain more happy or sad songs? Instrumental only?
Track age
This graph will show you if the playlist contains recently released tracks or is more of a catalog type. Maybe the best for you is a playlist with a good balance between new and old tracks?
Based on the artists data, we compute the main genres of the playlist, so that you know quickly if this is a good fit for your tracks.

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