Introducing our Premium package

· 1 minute read

In 2020, when I embarked on developing, my primary objective was to assist artists in steering clear of fraudulent and botted playlists when submitting their new songs to curators. Initially, the tool automated a manual process that many artists were already performing: examining the "Discovered On" playlists. Instead of taking ten minutes to assess a playlist, the data was now instantly available within a matter of seconds.

As time passed, we incorporated numerous additional data points to aid in your analysis, such as playlist followers' historical data, genres, track popularity, stream estimates, and more. Over the past three years, we have offered these services to thousands of artists at no cost.

Today, IsItAGoodPlaylist enters a new chapter. To sustain the project, considering the expanding user base and the increasing volume of data to be stored and processed, and to facilitate the introduction of new features, we are transitioning to a freemium model.

Our mission remains the same, which is why the majority of our features will continue to be entirely free.

FREE features

  • Unlimited basic playlist analysis, including genres, track popularity, track age, and audio features
  • Advanced playlist analytics, including follower charts and Discovered On data, for up to 2 playlists per day

Once you unlock advanced analytics for a playlist, you will retain access to it for a month (with updated data, of course!). This means that, over a month, you can access data for up to 60 playlists, which typically exceeds the needs of most users. As a bonus, we have granted you 5 additional free credits as a gift, which you can use at your discretion.

PREMIUM features

As a premium user, you will get access to all our current and upcoming features, as well as all our data.

  • Unlimited advanced playlist analysis
  • Stream estimates for over one million playlists, incorporated into the analysis
  • Access to a database of 100k+ curator contact information, complete with search and filter capabilities to easily identify playlists that align with your genre and other criteria
  • Many other features currently under development that will help you find the right playlists and help you in the process of submission.

These exciting new features are designed to further support you in pitching your tracks to exceptional playlists. We hope that will help you achieve your goals.