v2 is now available

· 1 minute read

It's been a while since we released the first version of in October 2020. In over a year, we received a lot of feedback, a lot of thankful messages and today we run hundreds of playlist analyses per day, just for you.

The tool did not evolve since then, so we decided it's was the right time to improve it with many new features. Of course we keep the same spirit: easy to use, free to use and no account creation required. Here is the list of the improvements:

  • Followers data: For each playlist in our database, we record the followers count at least once a day. This will help you notice a sudden increase/drop of followers, which could indicate the curator bought fake followers. If you add a new playlist in our database, we will not have historical data but will start tracking it immediately.
  • More Discovered On: From now on we have all the Discovered On playlists for each artist, instead of just the Top 10. For some artists, that's up to 90 playlists.
  • Audio analysis: Based on the audio features of all the tracks in the playlist, we build graphs that will tell you if the playlists contains tracks with high danceability, energy, if the tracks are instrumental, ...
  • Release dates: One of the great things to know about a playlist is that if the tracks are new tracks or catalog tracks (released more than 18 months ago). We build a graph to show you that information!
  • Track popularity: An other information to look at before submitting your song to a playlist is the average track popularity. Does this playlist feature indie tracks, or only popular hits?
  • Genres: Based on the artists in the playlist, we build the list of the main genres of the playlists. The playlist has many different genres that should not be together? Maybe you should avoid this playlist...

We hope you will like these improvements. If you have any question or suggestion, please send us an email!