Playlists streams data now available

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One month ago we started the beta of our latest feature: streams estimation of Spotify playlists. Today, we are happy to announce that this new feature is now officially open to everyone.

How to know how many streams to expect from a playlist placement?

The playlist analysis has a new tab: Streams. This is where you will find our streams estimation for the playlist.

We computed 3 numbers: the expected amount of streams over 1 day, over 7 days, and over 28 days.

We are already quite happy about how good the streams estimation seems to be, but if you are interested into raw numbers to make your own opinion, this is also available in the table below.

We record data every day, which is indicated by the "Data collected on" column. Then you see at which date the track has been added in the playlist, as the data is provided by Spotify. Unfortunately this is not always 100% accurate (if the curators removes the song and adds it again right away, we lose the old value and Spotify thinks it has been added today). To mitigate this, we correct this value based on our internal playlist data to compute a better estimation, but we do not display the corrected value here as we want to provide you only with raw data in this table. The last column which is obvisouly the most important one is the numbers of streams the track had over the selected period (by default 7 days, but you can change to 1 day or 28 days with the select menu on the right of the table).

Is this data reliable?

Yes, our streams estimation is reliable, but this is not the only metric you should look at.

The data we use to compute this estimation is collected directly from Spotify for Artists, so the raw data displayed in the table is 100% reliable.

The estimation however is... an estimation. It means you have to take in mind it could be influenced by multiple parameters that would make it more or less correct. For example, the number of tracks for which we have data: a track at the first position on the playlist will probably have more streams than a track at the last position. So if we have data from only one track, it is possible we could under-estimate or over-estimate the average streams.

If a track has been added just a few days ago, we will extrapolate the data we have at our disposal to give an estimation over 28 days. But the more we extrapolate, the more chance there is to be wrong.

Long story short: also look at the raw data to understand how accurate the estimation is.

Why is data missing on some playlists?

The data we use for the estimation is collected on the Spotify for Artists from artists who agreed to share their data with the community. The more artists join, the more data we will have to share with the community.

As of today May 19th, we already have streams data for more than 22,000 playlists. It's up to you to make this number bigger.

How to get access?

To get access to the playlists streams estimation, you only need to take 2 steps:

  • Create a free account on our platform: Register
  • Connect your Spotify for Artists with our platform. The procedure is quite easy and will be explained right after the registration.

Ready to join us and get access to streams data for thousands of playlists?